A series of non-invasive tests using Auto-refractor, Retinal Fundus Imaging and OCT technology will be performed. Don’t worry—we’ll explain everything as we go. Our vision care professionals will assist your eye doctor in gathering as much information as we can about your overall ocular health.

Our Pre-Test allows us to assess for complications, such as:

Color blindness

Depth perception

Eye fluid pressure

Peripheral vision

Retinal Fundus Imaging

The health of your eyes is often a clue to the health of the rest of you. Your retina can alert us to serious conditions like glaucoma, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

We’ll use fundus imaging to view your retina in real time to help gather necessary information about your eyes. Fun fact, this is the only way to directly see blood vessels inside the body without actually inserting anything into the body. 


We’re proud to offer you care using the OCT—a device that scans your eyes and presents the information as a high-resolution 3D image. This detailed view gives us a better understanding of how your eyes are functioning. An OCT exam can observe:

All 10 layers of your retina and optic nerve

Diseases such as glaucoma and diabetes

Objects 1/1,000 the width of a strand of hair

Changes in your overall vision health

Your optometrist will review your 3D scan with you and point out any areas of concern. 


Do the best you can until you know better. then when you know better, do better
~Maya Angelou