Established 2021

Mission Statement

Eye Solutions strives to bring excellence to eye care. Great vision and comfortable eyes are an essence to successfully function in order to be able to work, to study, to explore and to live life to the fullest. Your brain’s perception of the world begins with what your eyes experience. We know great vision alone is not enough if your eyes are typically tired, fatigued, strained or ill. We work hard, so your eyes don’t have to, in order to find solutions to the struggles in which your eyes endure on a daily basis. In the end: if your eyes see better and if your eyes feel better, then you yourself will live better. 

Understanding Our Eye Health Assessment Process

Your eyes can say a lot. They tell the world how you’re feeling in an instant, and they tell your optometrist the best way to keep them healthy.

  • Your eye exam will begin with a series of pre-tests to learn as much as possible.
  • Your optometrist will review the data before completing your comprehensive assessment with you.

A trusted relationship with your eye doctor is the best way to monitor changes over time. It’s our privilege to be your partner in eye health.

Detailed Pre-test

We’ll carry out a series of detailed tests to help us get as much information as possible about your eyes before you see our optometrist.

Eye Exam

After your pre-test, an optometrist will look at your vision in detail for a complete ocular health assessment.


After your eye exam, an expert optician will guide you on your frame selection for your glasses to make sure it does not just look but also feels great on you, as well as making sure to find suitable lens enhancement that will make your life a little easier.

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