Common Eye Terminology:

Another term for the eye.

Inability to see clearly due to the shape or length of the eye not related to eye disease. 

Any condition that causes ocular symptoms or signs.

Ability to see near objects clearly but not objects far away.

Ability to see far objects clearly but not objects at reading level.

The cornea, of the front part of eye, or lens is not equally curved but rather more curved in some areas than others making light focus at different planes on the back of eye causing part of an object in view to be clear while the other part fuzzy or slanted.

Clear transparent layer that cups the front part of the eye in front of the colored iris.

Inner layer lining the inside wall of the back of the eye ball that is responsible for transmitting visual signals to the back of brain.

Colored part of eye that is a web-like muscle that widens or shortens the pupil to control amount of light entering the eye.

Clouding of the lens inside the eye making it more difficult to see clearly and can cause increase in glare problems especially when driving at night.

Progressive nerve degeneration of the eye without symptoms during the early stage but results in permanent peripheral vision loss and eventual blindness toward the end stage. The earlier it is diagnosed, the earlier the treatment starts, the better the outcome.

Progressive degenerative condition that results in damage to the macula inside the retina of the back of the eye leading to permanent central vision loss.

A condition where the eyes are not lubricated properly due to lack of tear production, lack of balance in the tear film and/or due to too much inflammation.

Basic eye sight exam to identify and prescribe glasses and/or contact lens prescription. Supplemented with other Screening tests, not covered by insurances, to help provide a more thorough exam 

Various but complete in-depth eye testing to necessarily Screen, Diagnose and Treat various medical conditions not able to identify with a basic eye exam.


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